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About Us

We realised that though our paths have been different, the destination remains the same. We are all wandering for a reason, and that reason is exploration. But hey, we’re not just talking about exploring new places, we’re also talking about discovering ourselves

We, like most travellers, find travelling to be a meditative experience. Something you might have probably experienced yourself. Cherish Expeditions was born out of this understanding of creating meaningful and impact-driven journeys.

We focus on bringing together and expanding the Mind, Body, Heart & Soul and various aspects of our travel tribe through meeting new people, developing skills, gaining perspective, building environmental responsibility, storytelling and volunteering to give back to the communities via Experiential & Transformational Journeys.

Through these experiential journeys, we at Cherish Expeditions, want to create a community of like-minded, conscious travellers passionate about two things - Discovery (of Self and Places), and Experiences.

To these passionate souls, we wish to provide platforms that would enable them to indulge in not just meaningful journeys but also in self-reflective practices and the expansion of the creative spectrum, whilst giving back to nature.