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Climate Change Mitigation Expedition

Climate Mitigation Expedition: The need of the hour

The adverse side effects of technological advancements, apathetic lifestyle choices and inventions such as plastic are affecting life below water at an intimidating rate. Any action taken to prevent further collapse of life below water is the need of the hour. In our attempt to extend our efforts below water and towards climate change, we present our upcoming project.

How will you create an Impact ?

A single fish sanctuary can support a rich marine system for upto 4 years. In the first 3 to 4 days of the expedition, you shall learn about the lake system and engage in raising funds for building fish sanctuaries. The community declares the fish sanctuaries as a "non-fishing zone" and by spreading messages among the fisher-folk community to avoid fishing in these zones has positively impacted the fishery resources. In the participatory evaluation on fish sanctuaries conducted by fishery experts and fisher-folk, it showed the increase in the economically valued fish Etroplus suratensis (Pearl Spot), other small fishes, water snakes and clams. The larger presence of top predators like Otters and Cormorants in the sanctuary zones evidently indicate the growth in the population of fishes. High priority is given to community-based conservation efforts as most of the top-down approach seems to dominate and suppress the dependent community, leaving them stranded. With Climate change and anthropogenic pollution affecting water bodies across the world, such solutions which are also called Nature Based solutions are the way forward to adapt to changes and mitigate future uncertainties.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore around the Vembanad Kole - the longest lake in India‚Äč
  • Learn more about the mangroves of the second-largest Ramasar site in India, only after Sundarbans
  • Collective crowd-funding initiative to spread awareness
  • Document livelihoods and uplift communities living in the VEMBANAD ecosystem
  • Interaction with Coir community
  • Exploring paddy wealth of Kerala, below sea level farming
  • Understanding water and climate dynamics
  • Learning and interacting at the first synthetic sanitary napkin free village, Muhamma
  • Shikara ride to Pathiramanal
  • Experiential Heritage Walks


  • Opportunity to directly impact life below water
  • Collective crowdfunding sessions
  • Opportunities to intern with influential organizations working in the area
  • Individual guidance from eminent scholars and practitioners in the field
  • Hands-on experience on projects revolving around climate change, sustainability, and the environment
  • Technical and monetary support for future initiatives.

Safe to Travel

Cherish Expeditions safety procedures are based on three major aspects:

  • Knowledge and Experience of the Cherish Expeditions Team
  • Knowledge of local population
  • The safety procedures laid down by reputed international organizations