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Deep dive into radical explorations with a set of like-minded folks at a luxury wellness resort!


ātmīyaṁ is an eco-wellness gathering happening in Kerala for a set of handpicked individuals who share a common inclination towards spirituality and sustainability. The program is designed to walk you through the mindsets and toolkits to develop a conscious living lifestyle with a holistic approach. By the end of this three-day-long personal transformation gathering, you will discover a new and holistic approach to living a conscious and mindful life.

Come and be a part of our tribe of creators, storytellers and aspiring change-maker to indulge in a weekend focused on instilling vitality, enhancing self-awareness, expanding creativity and critical exploration while you make long-lasting friendships at a utopian destination. Imagine spending time with a bunch of like-minded creative folks at a luxury boutique villa! These three days will be full of art, movement, offbeat fun experiences, and some heartfelt conversations- something we all haven't had in a long time.

Meet the finest mentors with workshops designed to help you build perspective upon your personal wellbeing.

Spend three days learning and un-learning with mentors and workshops offering participatory learning through reflective practices, personal breakthroughs, and vulnerable conversations while making long-lasting friendships at a utopian destination. 

Sahiba Singh

A contemporary dance facilitator and choreographer, physical theatre director, writer, community builder, change-maker. Tap into the intuitive release mechanism of your body with her; through movement patterns that feel intuitive for your healing and overall well-being.

Greshma Dhanrajan

An Energy Worker, Cartomancer and Wellness Consultant, who has been an intuit all her life and energy work followed her through the course of her life in many ways. Experience an intense grounding meditation and sessions that will clear all the chakras allowing the cosmic healing energies to pass through you as they heal and energize you. 

Safe to Travel

Cherish Expeditions safety procedures are based on three major aspects:

  • Knowledge and Experience of the Cherish Expeditions Team
  • Knowledge of local population
  • The safety procedures laid down by reputed international organizations