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We, at Cherish Expeditions, have never limited our experiences. From tripping with college students whose interests lie in exploring wildlife, eco-friendly farming, sustainable
living and craftsmanship to touch the unseen parts of the colourful state - Rajasthan, our past programs have been instrumental in the overall development of all those associated. Our Travel- Fellowships have made a change in the society and the start of our 2020 were carved in the forests of Auroville.

Reminisce over some of our favourite moments captured in the videos below. Take a look at our past programs to understand our culture better...We’re sure you’d like to be a part of the upcoming ones! 

Travel-Fellowship Program - The Awakening

  • 5 participants from diverse backgrounds
  • An experiential learning journey by road along the banks of River Nila, Kerala for the revival of the dying river
  • Identifying problems faced by the artists, craftsmen community and problem-solving
  • Company of the experts - change makers and stakeholders from multiple domains including Social work, Environmental conservation, Contemporary Art, Mental Health Awareness and more
  • A journey rich in experiences - sustainable living, vanishing cultures, local art and craft and rich heritage of India.

Rajasthan Untouched - A Transformational Journey

  • Exploring Art and Architecture – 168 hours of connecting and co-creating
  • A Yoga retreat for workshops on mental health and activities to connect to yourself and beyond
  • Company of entrepreneurs, designers, healers, psychologists and social change makers to bring out the best version of yourself
  • An attempt to deliver better quality of education in alignment with UN SDG-4
  • Documentation of the life of - The Gharasia Tribe, The bheels, the Raiksa’s, The Bishnois and the Chhipa tribe

Intention Setting Expedition to Auroville

  • 3-day journey to the city of dawn aka the utopia of India to set a positive intention for 2020
  • Tapping into one’s inner child through subconscious reprogramming, alternate housing, spirituality, psychology, self deconstruction, theater improvisation, sound healing, mantra chanting, transcendance practices
  • Learnings on the process of self-reflection

Experiential Design Program

  • Program for UG and PG students for an International Design College in Bengaluru
  • Travelling to acquire life skills and hands-on experience with artists and craftsmen communities across Karnataka
  • 18 photographers, designers and videographers documenting the cultural heritage and architecture of a UNESCO heritage property in Karnataka
  • Exposure to wildlife and local lifestyle, Eco-Friendly farming and sustainable living