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Corporate Retreats

Helping you get a break from the mundane, our corporate trips focus on providing a relaxing staycation with lots of fun activities. These luxury, offsite retreats help one in personal transformation through a series of workshops and team building activities. Imagine yourself and your colleagues amidst the mountains, exchanging tales of life over a bonfire, singing songs from childhood and spotting shooting stars in the galaxy above you! Don’t underestimate the power of nature! We’re using various aspects of it to build a platform for you to adopt greater efficiency at personal and work level!


Need a change in view? Well, then, this corporate expedition is apt for you and your colleagues who would love to embark out of a cubicle and work in the lap of nature against mystical views of the mountains, along the melody of a river.

Offsite Trips

Customised trips that focus on building team growth, spirit and bonding, our offsite trips ditch the conventional way of enhancing the emotion of togetherness in a firm. Spend 1 to 3 days with your colleagues amidst natural settings...under an open sky changing hues a thousand times. Indulge in communication, team building, personality discovering games and activities and watch the positive vibes flow amongst the teams!

Luxury Retreats

We at Cherish Expeditions understand the hard work that goes into running a company. And what we understand better is the need to be on a holiday! A holiday where you -the employees of the firm are the king and queen of your dreams and have everything presented at the snap of your finger! Can’t wait to live your time? Employers, book our luxury retreats for your deserving team now!